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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Fashion Paradox

Men and women often see beauty in different ways. Lots of times men don't understand women's sense of fashion, e.g., they don't understand why we wear a scarf in summer time, or why we have a mini skirt on with a pair of paper-thin leggings when it is 20 degrees outside (although they probably like the results).

Another example of this sort of fashion paradox is this MooJolo sweater I wear: with fold over collar that intends to keep me warm but peepholes over the shoulders that make me cold:) To be honest it is hard to find the perfect season to wear this sweater, but it was love at first sight regardless. Danwa and I each bought one, making it an addition to our "sister outfit" collection.

This pleaded skirt is from bebe, one of my favorite brands. and it will keep being one of my favorite pieces to own in my life.


  1. I agree!

    Some fashion styles simply don't make a lot of sense, but hey I guess that's fashion :)

    1. That is why fashion bloggers should talk to each other LOL:)

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