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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Being Versatile

I bought this kimono to wear as a cover up on the beach, but recently I have found more and more use of it. Besides being a super light jacket, it can serve as a layer of sun block without that greasy feeling and it can also make a spaghetti top look more dressy. What is the versatile piece in your closet?

Another good news is that, flare jeans seem to make it back finally! I think I am going to stock up before they went out of market again! :)

(Top: Ann Talor || Kimono: ASOS || Jeans: American Eagle || Cross body Bag: Coach)



  1. I have lots of kimonos in my closet and those are probably the most useful pieces that I have. I like how you styled yours here :)

    Have a nice day!



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