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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Summer Ahead of Time

Life has been really busy recently, and I didn't have chance to shoot any fashion photos since I came back. But since I took some photos while traveling in China, I can show you some photos of me taken a month ago.

China had a warm winter this year, and when I went to Yunnan (south part of china), it was like summer already. This did give me a break from the MN winter we had here:)

The dress I wore was a new purchase and it is so comfortable and versatile--I can pair it with tights or wear it like a summer dress. Definitely glad that I got it!

(Dress: Express || Pendant: Guess)


  1. You are so cute! Wish it was that warm here already!

  2. Hi, I am Ada. I found your blog a while ago. Pleasure stopping by. I love your simple, fresh and always casual-cute yet sophisticated and modern style. That purple dress is simple but I love with you styled it with a hat. And girl I hear you, my life has been busy lately as well.

    Welcome by and check out my blog as well. Thanks and enjoy the weekend! Ada. =)

  3. I have never been to Yunnan but I heard so many good things about there. It is called Spring City because it is always warm. Your sunglasses are so cute and the whole outfit is very chic!


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