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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Perfect Pair of Glasses

Since I became near-sighted in high school, I have started the long struggle of finding a pair of glasses that suits me. The biggest problem is that my nose doesn’t stand high enough to push the glasses to the position where they should be, often leaving part of my upper eye lid above the frames. And the weight of them (although I always choose the expensive ultra-thin glass type) always leave a stain on my nose, which almost becomes a permanent scar after years…:(.

 That is why I was so thrilled to finally found a great pair of glasses when I visited my family in China two months ago. The frame was perfect for Asian nose type, especially with the nose support, my eyes are actually positioned in the center of the glasses! The lenses were made of resin so they are only half weight of the traditional glass, I can tell the difference immediately and more so a while after wearing them. Last but not least, these pair don’t make me look nerdy like my previous ones, yeah!!

I hope you all find your own perfect pair of glasses if you have to wear them!

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