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Friday, February 7, 2014

Korean Styled Coat

It is depressing when it gets "dangerously cold" outside, like the days we had recently. However, when the temperature rises above 30 occasionally, it is quite a joy to go to the snow field for a short hike, resting your eyes on the pure whiteness pretending it is the cake frosting, or listening to the sound when feet step into the deep snow.

"Korean styled" coat has gained popularity in China in the past years like the one I was wearing in the picture. They were known for the raised waist line and the expanded skirt from waist down. This one I own was the only one left in store which was one size larger than I would usually wear but I liked the look it actually delivers and the fact that I can wear as many layers as needed inside it to keep me warm in winter time :D

I also curled my hair, which I don't usually do because it takes me a long time. But once it is nicely done, it really adds a different and pleasant look to the style.:)

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