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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Red and white

After 5 years blogging my life adventure in US, to share with my family and friends in China, I finally decided that I can't resist starting a blog to let out my passion in fashion and beauty. Hopefully by this I spread the pleasant spirits and inspirations that I always get from browsing many other fashion blogs.

I will start with some winter outfits that I wore to hike in a nearby park a couple weeks ago. I always envy girls whose "winter style" can be light jackets, short skirts and ankle boots. For us Minnesotan people, winter is REAL. If you watched news recently you would know that we just had some -45F windchill weather recently. It was considered warm when the temperature finally reached above 30F, which was the day shown in the pictures. The Navy blue down jacket was the warmest winter outfit that I have currently, I bought it when A&F was having it on sale. The color was not so girly as I wished for but I like the fact that it makes me look slim and curvy in winter time. Both beanie and boots were bought in China. They were not from famous brands but they are among my favorite things to keep as long as I can. and I love how they add fabulous colors to the white world!

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